Should You Be Dieting? The Pros And Cons

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Then there’s the benefits of carrying on a low-calorie diet that can prolong life. Studies have found that following a restricted-calorie diet (one that slashes daily calorie intake by about a third) consistently helps people live longer and healthier lives reduced cholesterol levels, normalized blood sugar, and a better response to stress and may also slow the aging process. That all sounds good, right? Another reason why dieting works in a healthy lifestyle is it makes you pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. By understanding the building blocks of nutrition, like how much protein and fiber you should be getting, and realizing how your body responds to certain foods. Reading labels is important in making not only sticking to your calorie count, but that you are getting the protein, fiber, or other garcinia cambogia reviews nutrients that you need.
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When dieting and exercise hurt you

If you’ve ever felt a stabbing pain in the arch of your foot after working out, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This painful foot injury occurs if you put excessive strain on the underside of the foot, explains Ryan Halvorson, a personal trainer from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. It can strike runners and walkers alike when the muscles of the foot are overused due to repetitive motion. The arch support becomes strained, small tears develop, and the tissue stiffens as a protective response.
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Dieting companies now targeting men

Jeff Romig with his wife, Kacy Goebel Romig, in 2009.

He lost 30 pounds then, but the positive momentum slowed after a big move and a new, stressful job. Through a few more jobs and one more move, Romig kept his Weight Watchers account, although he wasn’t using it much. “Every month, there goes that $16.95,” he joked. CNN anchor: Dangers of labels and my bulimia Work and volunteer commitments soaked up his time. To make decisions about lifestyle changes, he sat with his wife of nine years and ran through scenarios, including how to handle fatigue and soreness during weight loss, and questions about whether he could keep up the momentum.
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